Big Easy Car Unlock Toolkit

Big Easy Car Unlock Toolkit
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The Big Easy is fast becoming the favorite vehicle unlocking tool of tow truck drivers, cops, mechanics, rescue workers and security personnel. Opens 98% of vehicles on the road today. And, it's so simple, you can master it in just a few minutes!
The Classic Big Easy Kit includes the tools you need to open almost any vehicle:

The 55 inch long heavy duty Big Easy Tool. The Big Easy tool with this kit is coated with chip resistant, bright pink paint for easy visibility inside the vehicle. (For a bright blue Big Easy tool, see the Public Safety Kit). The tool is bent at the best angle for reaching in and manipulating interior door buttons or handles. Plus, the rubber tip on the end of the tool keeps it from slipping. The solid, looped tool handle gives you more control when you need it.

Non-marring Gap Opening Wedge. Tough but smooth surface that won't scratch paint. Used to gradually open the door gap so you can get to work.

Lock Knob Lifter for opening cars with flat lock knobs. Sturdy, but flexible plastic tool with a rubbery inside surface that won't slip off the knob.

Custom made Paint Protector to shield the car finish when using the Big Easy. The Big Easy tool slides through the hole in the center of the protector. Its unique shape makes it stay in place in the door gap while you work.

Big Easy

The Big Easy Tool opens doors without having to manipulate the internal door mechanism. No risk of damaging door locks, window hardware or wiring inside the door. With the huge, 55 inch long Big Easy Tool, you can easily open the door from inside the car by reaching in and pushing or pulling the electric lock button, electric window button, manual window hand crank or even the door opening handle.

Reminder: This kit does not include an Air Wedge. Click Here for a kit that includes one.

Video and Instructions: To see just how easy the Big Easy Tool is to use, watch the Video produced by the maker of the Big Easy - Steck Manufacturing. Or check out the easy to follow Instructions that come with every Big Easy Tool.

We guarantee you won't find an easier door unlocking tool than the Big Easy!

Save on these optional items for the Big Easy Kit:

The Glow in the Dark Door Handle Loop snaps on to the Big Easy Lockout tool to make grabbing and pulling interior door handles and window cranks even easier. 

Big Easy Loop

The Big Easy Extend makes the Big Easy Tool even longer. The Extend add's another 12 inches to the end of the Big Easy for extended reach inside the vehicle. 

Big Easy Extend

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